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Calling for Recall on Mortgages - What do you think

Check out my latest Real Estate blog - let me know your thoughts - Blessings, Kelly
Portola Hills eNews New On the Market Property Details Price Comments 18921 Canyon Hill 2 bed/1 bath/880 sq.ft. $199,000 These condo’s 19605 Agria Way 2 bed/1 bath/1015 sq.ft $250,000 Are all priced 19387 Cascade Dr . 3 bed/ 3 bath/1255 sq.ft. $352,900 Under Mkt 28465 Klondike 3 bed/3 bath/1255 sq. ft. $358,000 Investment Potential Sold Properties 29011 Canyon Ridge 2 bed/2 bath/908 sq.ft. $305,000 19826 Canyon Smt. 3 bed/2 bath/975 sq.ft. $275,000 19801 Meadow Ridge 2 bed/2 bath/940 sq.ft. $279,000

Portola Hills eNews & Market Update

Portola Hills eNews 10/6 New On the Market Property Details Price Comments 28890 Canyon Hghts 2 bed/2 bath/1087 sq.ft. $199,000 Investment Potential 28442 Klondike Dr . 3 bed/3bath/1303 sq.ft. $369,000 Ditto! 28662 Camelback Rd. 3 bed/3 bath/2200 sq.ft $675,000 19672 Torres Way 4 bed/ 3 bath/3350 sq.ft. $850,000 19161 Red Bluff 5 bed/ 3 bath/ 3100 sq.ft $879,000 19031 Willowbrook 4 bed/3 bath/2600 sq.ft $949,000 Sold Properties 28477 Klondike Dr . 2 bed/2.5 bath/1152 sq.ft. $310,600 28426 Yosemite Dr . 2 bed/2 bath/1015 sq.ft. $305,000 1

If owning a home is not all the important then why all the anxiety?

The answers lie within the fact that your home, yes is an aspect of financial security, but more importantly represents a life! So as with any loss, comes profound sadness and high anxiety. Many are living in quiet desperation, realizing that something has to give, but loosing your home, represents more then moving, so we try to hold on. Trying to deal with increased Interest Rates or Monthly Payments, Negative Equity, Lower Property Values, looming Mortgage Resets, living on Credit to make ends meet and it all becomes a vicious cycle. So where do you turn, many decide just to walk away. Others search for answers, realizing loosing their home is more then just finding a new place to live rather the need to take a positive step towards rebuilding security. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Help is out there and you might be a perfect candidate for a Loan Modification through Loss Mitigation. What is Loss Mitigation? It allows for Negotiations on your behalf with y

Portola Hills Residents - It's Possible to Save Your Home

I am pleased to announce that after careful consideration, I will be offering a new service Mortgage Review for my clients. Throughout the past year, I have been asked by our valuable clients on what is the best move with their mortgage and have been happy to provide directions. With the current market conditions the number of short sales and foreclosures have increased and this makes me sad. I hate seeing the first response this crises, I guess we will need short sales or foreclose or the feeling of frustration when you call your lender and get no help. So in response I have decided to include as one of my services the option of Loan Modification and have aligned my self with a company who has great success in just that. Our goal is to save your home ! If you currently have negative equity, worried about your loan being reset, see trouble on the horizon and would like to KEEP YOUR HOME, then we may be able to help. As always my goal and service pledge is to understand your