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Yes your home needs new paint - A little help from the city of Lake Forest!

Have you looked at the outside of your home lately and thought, man I need to paint.  But then thought, there is no way I can afford this now.  You may want to check the City of Lake Forest , Neighborhood Pride Program. Which is funded by the city's Frederal Community Development Block Grant.  This is a citywide program that assist qualified homeowners with the exterior painting of their homes.  This service is provided at NO Charge, Woo Hoo!   Over 75 homes have been assisted to date. Selection of owner-occupied homes will be by lottery.  Of course there are terms that need to be met along with a Maximum Income Limit.  Contact the city direct for the details. If interested in participating, you can pick up a an application packet at City Hall or Call 949.461.3552.  Applications are due no later then Thursday Oct. 28, 2010.

Portola Hills - Money Saving Quick Tip #1 - Ceiling Fans!

Ok, going to start a fun little aspect to our blog, Money Saving Quick Tips.   We all want to save a few pennies in this economy so thought a few little tips might just help us put those pennies to good use.  If you have one, send us a note and we will include: This one is all about your Ceiling Fan! Quick Tip - Counterclockwise i nthe summer, Clockwise in the winter. You'll save up to 40% on air conditing costs in the summer and 10% on heating cost in the winter by manging air flow with ceiling fan. Most Energy star rated ceiling fans use only about as much power as a 100-watt incandescent bulb.  Setting the blade direction on your fan to run counterclockwise directs the air downward and creates a breeze; in the winer, running it clockwise will force cold air upward and warm air down to you. Who would have thunk!

Portola Hills Residents Holding City Officials Accountable

At the recent Portola Center Meeting in Portola Hills, many questions came up regarding the agreement between the developer and Saddleback Valley Unified School and ensuring those funds were used for the improvements at Portola Hills Elementary.  Below is a note direct from Lake Forest's Planning Manager, Cheryl Kuta. Thank you for attending the Portola Hills community meeting on August 18, 2010 and listening to the City’s presentation on the history of the Opportunities Study, including the Portola Center project, as well as a discussion of the City’s role in the review of the proposed plans for Portola Center. We are currently working on responses to the written questions received during the presentation, as well as a general list of Frequently Asked Questions that will be made available on the City’s website. Our goal is to maintain an open and productive dialog with the community throughout the review of the Portola Center project. One of the issues discussed at length at

The beauty of Trabuco Canyon - Live Oak Canyon Road

I would have to say the majority of residents in Portola Hills chose to move here for one simple reason, the canyon! Awe doesn't it make you want to take a drive! Wondering what how the real estate market is doing in Trabuco Canyon, check it out here !