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Is Capital Gains holding you back from Selling?

Question....IS CAPITAL GAINS HOLDING YOU BACK FROM SELLING? For those who may not be aware... When you sell a house for more than what you paid for it, you could be subject to a capital gains tax on the profit you make from the sale. Generally, people who qualify for the home sale capital gain exclusion can exclude: $250,000 of capital gains if single. $500,000 of capital gains if married and filing jointly. This exemption is formally called the Section 121 exclusion with the IRS. So if you bought a house in Lake Forest for $500,000 and let's say it is now worth $3,000,000. You would have a gain for $2.500,000 - $500,000 for married couples.. now your gain would be $2,000,000. Which becomes taxable income. 2,000,000 x 20% (tax rate) = $400,000 in Capital Gain Tax 😲 This is happening all over Orange County and other high cost areas and one of the reasons why "Baby Boomers" are not moving and deciding to age in place. If this is you... there a couple of things you can do