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Do I need to Stage my home in this market?

Have you seen those commercials, your home doesn't need anything just my sign in front to get it sold?  What those commercials doesn't tell you, is your home will sell for less in most cases.  Yes, with the current Buyer demand your home is in demand, but that does not mean it is in front of the right buyers nor does it mean it will sell for top dollar.  Plenty of homes sell below market even in this market. 😳 If you ever bought a home, you know walking into a beautiful home makes all the difference.  That is why new homes sell so well. Home buyers often don't realize the cost of those addition and staging would add over $100,000 in upgrades to your purchase. So the question comes up, do we have to stage.  Truthfully, the answers depends on your home!    One thing is for sure, staged homes sell for more $$.   We love helping our clients prepare their home for sale.  Some chose to stage others we assist the sellers on the best preparations for the home to present well.  We

That Home Sold for What in Portola Hills?

Congratulations to another KW client who just moved into the Portola Hills neighborhood of Serenado.  The Serenado community is a fairly small community of 166 homes and part of the Portola Hills II homeowners association. There are 3 floor plans: Rhapsody: 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1561 sq.ft. 2 car garage Concerto:  3 bedroom, 3 bath, 1771 sq.ft. 2 car garage Symphony: 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1891 sq. ft. 2 car garage I wrote a blog back in 2015 with more details of this tract and since then homes have just about doubled in value.  Here is a look at the overall values today!  Right now, offers Portola Hills homes sellers in the Serenado tract and excellent opportunity to take advantage of their equity growth.  Whether you are thinking about selling and moving up or downsizing into your next home,  utilizing some of your equity to upgrade the home or leveraging it into an investment property, we are here. We will review with you if you can benefit from Prop 19, which allows you to take your t

Portola Hills Homes are Selling for What?

What would you say if I told you pricing right now is right on track! You would probably say, pricing is crazy!  I recently attended Keller Williams Economic Recap and Forecast and a couple of details really hit me.  Because I too, even being in the business, was thinking this pricing is crazy! Then I saw this graph.  Home Prices This above graph shows the average home prices over the last 20 years has averaged about 4%. That is below the historical average of 6-8% before the downturn in 2008-2011.  Portola Hills saw appreciation of over 20% last year, so while that is great, it really was just the market making up for downturn.  Four percent appreciation is a very healthy real estate market.  Annual Home Appreciation The biggest hurdle to the market right now is inventory of homes.  There simply has not been enough building to keep up with demand since the downturn.  How we catch up is going to be a challenge certainly for the near future.  Below is a look at the inventory of homes an