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5 simple ideas for a laundry room makeover that might actually help you love doing laundry!

Who likes to really do laundry?  Do you think if your laundry room was beautifully designed,  organized  you would like the chore more?   I don't know about you but one of my least favorite things to do is laundry and my laundry room shows that I don't have much love this chore.     However, recently  while I was previewing homes with a buyer, a wife commented she loved this one house, but wouldn't buy it cause the laundry room was awful.   It didn't have anything to do with size, the style of washer and dryer it was all about the aesthetics. The next house we looked at was just the opposite, the house wasn't great but the Laundry Room was beautiful. Guess which house the buyer wanted to put an offer in on.. you got it #2.   Why was the room so important... she felt it was a task she didn't really like, but she said she felt much more calm and about it when the room was beautiful. When I work with sellers, I will be honest as I preview the home to mak

Top 10 Mistakes Home Sellers Make When Selling Their Home

Are you thinking about selling your home this spring...  Below is a quick list of issues that home sellers run into during the process.. Either over estimating or in under valuing the list price of their home. Failing to disclose material facts about their home that adversely affect desirability or value. Not properly staging their home. Not making their home easily accessible to agents to show. Starting out with an inflated asking price, not understanding the negative impact of later price adjustments. Emotionally overacting to an initial offer. Thinking that subsequent offers will be better then the first offer. Excessive conversations with the buyers and/or buyer’s agent. Letting small things in the negotiations or transaction become big things, while losing site of the bigger picture. Not using Kelly Turbeville to represent them!   Gotta have a little fun right ! I would also have to add, not strategically looking at the market and timing as to when is the best ti