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137000 Reasons to Hire Realtor Kelly Turbeville

How would you like an extra $137,000 dollars in your bank account.  If you said yes, and own a home and are thinking of a move, we need to chat.  We are so excited that we just closed our listing at 41 Golf View in the community of Dove Canyon in Rancho Santa Margarita for a record breaking price of $1,135,000.  With over 50 showings, multiple offers and some back and forth negotiations we were able to secure the buyer and get both parties an amazing home!  You can see why this there was so much demand for this lovely home, a Rare Single-Level in the gated community of Dove Canyon. This Spacious, Open Floorplan with High Ceilings and Wide Hallways gives this home an amazing grand feel. As you enter the home, you enter into the Formal Living and Dining area where the step down living area has been raised, opening the floorplan further. Plantation shutters, provide privacy but when opened you have a beautiful view of the 1st Tee of the award winning Dove Canyon Golf Course. Completely re

Portola Hills 2020 Real Estate Review

We bet you're happy 2020 is behind us!  What a crazy year, is all we can say!  We hope that you and your families were not impacted to harshly by it.  We took a look at how 2020 impacted the Portola Hills Market and all we can say is, who would have thunk (yes thunk) the real estate market would have been so strong!  I guess all that time at home, sparked buyers ideas that it is now time to move!  Did you make a move, or think you would like to? Below is a snapshot of how the Portola Hills Real Estate market performed for the the entire year!   What is the value of my Portola Hills Home? Overall the Portola Hills real estate market was very strong with 18% in sales volume from 2019, with 172 homes sold in 2020.   The most expensive home sold in the community was for $1.8 million in The Oaks and the least expensive was $335,000 in the Canyon View community.   Home values were up in both single-family and attached homes, but we have to look at this with an objective eye, as many of t

2014 Portola Hills Real Estate Recap

Can you believe 2014 is over?   I am still having trouble with the idea it being over, where did the time go.... In terms of real estate we did see a 16% increase in the number of homes sold.  In terms of pricing Portola Hills saw an increase of 7% overall.  Below is breakdown of the details... Portola Hills 2014 Year End Real Estate Report As we enter 2015 the overall market in South Orange County continues to be sellers market but as spring approaches both inventory and interest rates are projected to increase... which means it will become a more balanced market for the remainder of 2015.

Portola & Foothill April Real Estate Snapshot....It's Screaming Sellers Market, Are you Listening?

I am hoping this isn't a repeated sentiment but it makes me wonder as I believe I said this last month,  "where is the spring rush of homes". It's not like we are on the East Coast we can't blame the weather, it is 95 degrees today on May 1st. Wondering what I am talking about, take a look at what sold in Portola Hills and Foothill Ranch this past April. Portola Hills:   5 Homes sold, 4 attached one 1 SFR with the average price per square foot of $323.   Portola Hills Homes Sold April 2014 Foothill Ranch:  9 Homes sold, the mix a bit different 2 attached 7 single family. Average price per sq. foot. $334. Foothill Ranch Homes Sold April 2014 Historically as the spring breaks end and taxes are paid, we start to see the number of homes on the market increase.  Overall we are seeing a slight increase but with the high buyer demand, their are not enough homes to sustain the market, thus why the above sellers saw an increase of abou

Portola Hills see 20% increase in Pricing in 2013!!

Yay, we made it,  2013 is over and it turned out to be quite the year for real estate in Portola Hills!  The year started off pretty slowly but then if you remember, it all became about inventory, inventory, inventory or should we say the lack there of.   With the low inventory many homes came on the market and were sold with multiple offers over asking price throughout South Orange County.   Below is a quick snapshot of how the year ending for Portola Hills. In Portola, I was surprised to not see more homes sold over asking price.   Homes priced between $200-$300k & $400-$500k saw a slight increase from list price to sold price.  However, the other price ranges did not see this same increase.  That means one of two things, these homes were over priced when originally listed or they were negotiated down in price from the buyer.  We are happy to report on average we our homes have consistently sold at 104% over asking price and the same was true in 2013. Listed Price vs. So

Portola Hills Market Snapshot September 2013

Can you believe it is the 1st of October already!!  The air is cooling, well maybe the night air, the kids are back in school and homes are getting set for the holidays.  Traditionally September is a quiet month for real estate as most people want to get settled before the school year begins.  This year was no exception which is a little of a surprise as the inventory in south orange country remains very low.   Below is snapshot of the last 24 hours. 1185 homes came on the market between new listings and homes that fell out of escrow.  Yet 2508 homes went off the market. Demand for homes is far out reaching supply. Below is a snapshot of the real estate transactions for Orange County It's quiet here in Portola, only 5 homes sold in September.  Below is a breakdown of what closed escrow.   The sellers market is still very strong!  Though more inventory has come on the market the buyer demand is much stronger.   If you are considering a move, let's grab a cup