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What does the Housing Bill mean for you?

A quick look at the new Housing Bill signed into law today! A temporary increase in mortgage revenue bonds to refinance subprime mortgages. L enders would write down qualified mortgages to 85% of the current appraised value and qualified borrowers would get a new FHA 30-year fixed mortgage at 90% of appraised value . Borrowers would have to share 50% of all future appreciation with FHA. The loan limit for this program is $550,440 nationwide. Permanent Conforming loan limit of $625,000 First-time home buyer tax credit , which allows first-time home buyers to receive a tax refund worth up to 10 percent of a home’s purchase price, up to a maximum of $7,500. The refund serves as an interest-free loan and the homeowner is required to repay it in equal installments over 15 years. New regulator for Government Sponsored Enterprises to restore investor confidence in GSE loans and help the market and economy stabilize. Temp