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What makes Portola Hills so Special

When I decided to get my real estate license... 20 years ago, it was super important for me to help clients find a home in an area they are going to love. I can't imagine living somewhere and spending so much time in an area that I didn't enjoy. Of course, things change and moves are made. But when considering a move, I really work with my clients to ensure they feel the energy of their new community. When I look back at my why I selected Portola Hills, I realize I actually manifested this area to live. I had looked at the area about a year before I moved. After one of those lovely breakups we have, I had to find a new place to live. I remember thinking, oh I loved that Condo in Portola Hills. 6 months later, I bought that exact model, it was the first home I bought. 9 years later, I felt the need to change, but even being in the business of real estate II had questions about if that was the right time to make a move. I then walked into an open house and knew.. I found my next

Ready to Downsize your Portola Hills Home?

Are you ready to downsize but concerned with how you can afford it?   Has the house become too large and you would love to have a single level?   Would you like to move to active retirement community and be closer to your kids?   Good news for our Portola Hills clients, is you have gained some great appreciation of the years and did you know you could use that equity to purchase a home with a Reverse Mortgage.  What a great opportunity to get settled in your forever home! Buying a home with a reverse mortgage is a unique option available to older homeowners who are 62 years of age or older. A reverse mortgage is a financial product that allows seniors to tap into their home's equity without selling the property or making monthly mortgage payments. Instead, the lender provides the homeowner with funds based on the home's value and the borrower's age, and the loan is repaid when the homeowner no longer lives in the home, typically when they sell the property or pass away. Wha

Portola Hills June Real Estate Recap - It's Hot!

The summer heat has hit Portola Hills and that is impacting the real estate market in a couple of ways.  First the Portola Hills community continues to remain strong.  Pricing remains high, with the average price of a Single Family Home in Portola Hills is $2,013,000 in June.  The price for an attached home was $671,500.  Sellers slightly received over their list price.  Below is our full report! Portola Hills Available Homes Currently there are only 1.5 months of inventory available, which continues to drive pricing.  Especially in Portola Hills as the majority of homes available currently are New Builds in The Oaks or IronRidge.   As with the overall OC real estate market, Sellers are staying put, as they do not see a need to make a move and are loving their low interest rates.  Home buyer demand is there and buyers are getting use to the higher interest rates but affordability is starting to impact purchases.  Thus why we see less homes selling currently.  Sales volume is down 32% i

10 Tax Benefits of Owning Real Estate

One of the reason's we love helping our clients expand their real estate assets is the tax benefits it provides to their families.  Let's be honest, no one loves paying taxes and in a day with inflation taking a portion of every dollar, having the opportunity to reduce, avoid or defer taxes is a huge benefit.  Good news owning real estate provides you a valuable opportunity to do just that!   Buying a home doesn't just provide shelter.. It is key asset to help you build financial security and help reduce your tax liability. Here are ten common tax benefits associated with owning real estate: ✨Mortgage Interest Deduction:  ✨Property Tax Deduction:  ✨Depreciation Deduction:  ✨1031 Exchange:  ✨Capital Gains Tax Exclusion: ✨Home Office Deduction: ✨Rental Loss Deduction:  ✨Tax-Free Exchange of Partnership Interests:  ✨Energy Efficiency Tax Credits:  ✨Real Estate Professional Tax Benefits: Here is a bonus one you may not be aware of,  is to eliminate/defer capital gains is throug