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Portola Hills Small Business Owners - Get Your Free Ad

Are you a small business owner in Portola Hills? Whether that is someone who owns a store front or a service business such Real Estate, Interior Design, etc. SoCal Marketing Possibilities has an offer for you. Why because as a resident of Portola Hills we understand our first priority is to our community. So whats the offer: Complimentary business write up and posting on SoCal Marketing Possibilities and Portola Hills Living. Business Spotlight on Facebook and Twitter. Complimentary listing on Community Contacts Website with your business spotlighted in the Portola Hills eNews, distributed throughout the Portola Hills Community. 1 Month free advertising on Sound like a deal, then contact Kelly today to review your possibilities, terms apply. Terms: Client must purchase one of the following 3 month Packages: 3 zip codes - $69.99 per month 10 zip codes -$99.99 per month purchase of a 3 month package, paid up front, also provides the client wi

Keeping Local Dollars In Portola Hills

When you come through Portola Hills, you probably don't think of business. That is part of what makes Portola Hills such a special place to live, there really isn't any commerce. But is there..... Ask yourself? What do your neighbors do for a living? How does their success add to the success of your neighborhood? Do you have a need that a struggling neighor could help you with? Did you know your neighbor has a home based business that may actually help you and your business. Need an Attorney, Landscaper, Hair Stylist, Let's not forget Realtor ! - bet there are few of those here in Portola Hills that would love your call. Have you noticed in today's world everyone comes home and drives straight into their garage, no hello's, no hand shakes, no hugs, the goal being in and out of the home with as little interaction as possible. No ill-will intended just gotta get dinner going! But in today's economy this is the exact opposite of what we all need to do. We need to u

Looking to Advertise your Portola Hills Business?

Hey Gang There is an exciting opportunity available to Portola Hills residents and business owners. If you are looking to expand your web presence then you'll want to contact us. We offer a full online ad network, offering a total online advertising solution. We are the low cost provider for online advertising designed for local businesses and corporations, offering a huge benefit to the smallest business as well as the largest chain stores. Ads are geo-targeted, if a consumer is sitting at home and types Restaurants, our system reads your location and recommends restaurants that are in the neighborhood. Plus you can add a coupon so customers can print at home, bring in and bam you know where your advertising dollars are working! So if you have a business you want to advertise, make sure to give us a call for a complimentary review.