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Foothill Ranch rents stable from 2014 to 2015..

Renting in Foothill Ranch, we can help!  When people think of Realtors they often do not think we also handle rental properties. The first thought is we Realtors just handle sales in real estate.  However a professional agent will handle rentals in several instances, i.e. buying investment properties for investors, handling the rental transaction with a tenant. Possibly even property management of the property, if licensed to do so. Even if agents do not handle rental transactions, it is important for agents to understand what the rents are in the area.   This week,  I took a quick look at the Foothill Ranch Rental Market.    Below is a snapshot by category of the average rents in the area.  It is important to note these are for properties owned by an individual and rented out not an apartment complex. Foothill Ranch Single Family Rentals 2015 In 2015 there were 33 Single Family Homes rented in Foothill Ranch with the average rent being $3064 for 1993 square foo

Rooms for Rent w/Beautiful Portola Views

Room available in a beautiful Portola Hills home. Possibility of two rooms available if you are looking for a more space. It is like having your own wing. Utilities included, internet, cable, garage storage, fulll house access. One Room - $725.00 Two Rooms - $1100.00 Referances, Credit Check Required. For more information click here . Portola Hills residents, got some news you want to share? Make sure to forward your details and we would be happy to include your details in Portola Hills Living.