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Was love in the air for Portola Hills Real Estate - February Market Snapshot

The month of February is filled with hearts, roses and love, well hopefully, right?  For the real estate market in Portola Hills I would say it was filled with love for Home Sellers. Comparing 2013 vs 2014 there wasn't much difference in the over all number of sales.  4 sold in 2013, 5 sold in 2014.  However if you look at the mix and the price per square foot that is where you see the difference. Of course this has too do with mix but if you compare averages and median you see the price per square foot in 2014 jumped 23%.  I would say that is love!! Take a look at the difference between 19602 Highridge and 28281 Harvest View Lane.  These homes are similar, Harvest View was larger square footage and had a larger lot versus Highridge which had smaller square footage but a view of the Saddleback Mountains.  Highridge sold for 15% more in 2014. Feb 2014 Portola Hills Closed Sales Feb 2013 Portola Hills Closed Sales So what is in store for March.  The inventory is still