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Portola Hills Homeowners holding onto a Pot of Gold

Don't you love after it rains when you see a rainbow... If you have ever driven up the hill to Portola Hills you often see one.   I just got done looking at the numbers for how the real estate market did in Portola Hills in the month and February and it remained very strong, add a bit more equity to homeowners in the community.  While the number of transactions were down from 2023 to today,  5 in 2023 - 3 sales in 2024,  values were up over $1.5 million.  Take a look below at the our Portola Hills February Market Report!  WHAT IS MY PORTOLA HILLS HOME VALUE  Low inventory continues to drive the market, but different from the last few years in Portola Hills, there currently are not any new homes for sale.  That means, home sellers have the opportunity to capture all those price gains for yourself. The Oaks at Portola Hills, has advised they will start building again but those homes would most likely not be available until end of 2024 early 2025 and they will be on the high end. If

How Much Did That Home in Portola Hills Sell For?

As we enter what is known as the "Selling Season" we are getting lot's of questions about what is happening in the overall market.  Is the market going to crash? How are Interest Rates impacting the market? Will more homes come on the market this year?  These are all good questions to ask, especially right now as we are starting to see a shift.  Yes, the sudden rise of Interest Rates has impacted buyers. But let's keep in mind, in 2018 the interest rates were about 5% and lot's of homes sold. Search Available Portola Hills Homes Let's take a look at how the Portola Hills market performed in March.  As you can see in the above report, the Portola Hills real estate market continues to remain very strong. Homeowners who sold in March, received about 10% over their list to sale price.  Homeowners in the Serenado Tract were pleasantly surprised to see this tract start selling over $1,000,000.   While pricing has certainly gone up, would it surprise you if  we tol