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Congratulations to all the Single Girl Bosses who see the value in Homeownership.

Being raised by a Single Mother and being on the constant move as a child, homeownership was something I always strived for as a child. The stability I saw it bring my friends who grew up in the same home and went to the same school was something I desired as we moved a lot. With each new city, starting over.  I believe subconsciously this drove me to work extremely hard in my 20's so I could purchase my first home. I remember at the time, people telling me, "I was too young, I should wait until I got married, how can I afford it on my own, wouldn't it be better with two incomes."  I wasn't making a lot a money, at the time I believe it was under $40k and the interest rates were 8.25%... crazy!  My Realtor, Frank believed in my goal and helped secure financing and with as little as 3.5%, I bought my first home! I'll never forget that moment and yes I was very anxious but the joy and stability it brought is almost unexplainable. As this month is Women's His

Portola Hills February Market Report.... Hot, Hot, Hot!!

We took a look at the Portola Hills real estate market and in one word, CRAZY! Sales volume is up, values are up, inventory of available homes is way down! Even at the new communities there is low inventory of available homes.  That means, Sellers can pretty much ask what they want for their home and if it is priced right, buyers are coming with aggressive offers.  As you can see from the above, values are up about 24% from the same time period last year.  That was right before Covid, landed on our doorsteps.  Who would have thought, we would see such strong growth during a pandemic.  Search Portola Hills Homes Buyer's have an insatiable demand for homes right now and want to take advantage of the low interest rates.  They are open to competing for the right home, and removing contingencies, etc. to ensure their offer is at least in consideration.  However, the offers are so strong, Seller's aren't even countering as they have a number of good offers to choose from. Ready