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It's a lovely day for walk up to Concourse Park in Portola Hills.

Community parks are so important to neighborhoods and here in Portola Hills, there are two major parks that offer residence an ideal spot to get outside and enjoy the nature around them.  The new Portola Park and Concourse Park This morning, I took a walk up at Concourse Park and was feeling very blessed to have such a nice amenity in my backyard.  The Park of nearly 8 acres, offers a variety of amenities as well, but one of the most impressive details is it is set up right against Whiting Wilderness Ranch which provides a beautiful scenic views. Amenities of Concourse Park include: 2 Covered Picnic Areas 2 Barbeques Large Grassy Area Play Area for Kids Walking Path 4 Exercise Stations 2 Water Fountains (for the pups too) Basketball court Public Bathrooms For a fee of $25, Lake Forest residents may reserve a park shelters for gatherings of fewer than 50 people without a special event application. To reserve a park shelter, click here. Location of Concourse Park in Portola Hills: Take

First Home should be your First Investment Property.

I was listening to a Podcast ( Think like a CEO with Gary Keller and Jay Papason ) which I am really enjoying and it really got me thinking of first time homeowners and sellers, who are thinking about moving up to their new property. We all get so excited about the new larger home with all the details your current home doesn't have, but I think sometimes fail to think of long term opportunity that is available when we look at the home as an investment.  Especially after this Pandemic, many buyers today are looking at making a move up into a larger home that offers better functionality for their new home life. Which is totally understandable.   With the equity growth the housing market has seen over the last few years, and the low interest rates there is a really great opportunity laying in front of us and you might be surprised to hear this from an Agent... DON'T SELL YOUR HOME! (though have to say the market really needs the inventory).    If your mortgage is low on your curre

Portola Hills home values up dramatically for the first month of 2021

The real estate market overall in January is generally very, very quiet!  Not this year!  In Orange County there has been an insatiable demand from buyers and  record-low supply of homes available to purchase, which makes the OC real estate market extremely hot!! Portola Hills was no exception in January! Actually the area remains very popular with the buyers coming up the hill to check out the new developments in IronRidge and the Oaks.  Take a quick peek at the numbers below along with what communities in the Portola Hills were the hottest, it might surprise you. If you are thinking of a move, seller's will need to be cautious on pricing their home correctly.  Though it is a very strong seller's market, homes that are priced above market will sit.  A strong pricing strategy done correctly can bring you more then you expect.  As well in this hot market, other factors such as contingencies, rent backs, etc. all part of the negotiations package that we can put in your favor.  Ma