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How did the Orange County Real Estate Market Do in 2016.. Take A peak

The sun has set on 2016 and as we look to 2017, you might be wondering how did the Orange County, California Real Estate Market perform overall?   Throughout the year we heard in the media, prices were up, it's a sellers market, buyer demand is strong and the good news continued.. But what did all that really mean when you look at the numbers?  Below is a review from the  Orange County Association of Realtors   at how all the numbers shook out in 2016. We will split this out into two segments:  Detached homes and Attached homes:    We highlighted some key points, but let's further explain. Median Sales Price in Orange County, California for a Single Family Detached Home was $740k and that was up 5% from 2015.  The Average price was near a $1m. Leaving a real need for Single Family homes priced below that median of $740k.  Opportunity is knocking for homeowners in this price range. Sales Volume in 2016 was almost identical from 2015 with a slight increase of 278 home

Portola Hills January Sunset..

The rain we are receiving is certainly providing some amazing sunset's as the incoming storms approach.  It is wonderful that Portola Hills sits above the valley of Orange County..  Take a peak at these beautiful and yet some what ominous sky as the rain approached yesterday. Portola Hills Sunset January 8 2017 January 8 2017 Portola Hills View Portola Hills Sunset View January 2017 Portola Hills Ocean View January 2017 Residents of Portola Hills are truly lucky to have some of the best views in Orange County.

Portola Hills 2016 Home Values and Real Estate Recap

Happy New Year Portola Hills Peeps.  Can you believe it 2017 is here!  As I always do, I like to take an in-depth look at how the Portola Hills real estate market performed for the entire year.   This review will include an overall look, as well break down the market into various property types to help you determine your Portola Hills home value. The biggest news of the year was sales volume.. do you think it was up or down in 2016?  Surprisingly it was down from 2015 levels.   81 homes sold in Portola Hills in 2016, while 107 sold in 2015 .   I will say 2015 sales volume was up significantly from recent years. Below is a look at the overall real estate market in Portola Hills in 2016. Portola Hills 2016 Real Estate Market Snapshot Keep in mind when you look at the above.. this is overall, this is looking at all homes that sold and averaging them out.    Below is a break down by property type and we will start with the Portola Hills Condo Market. Portola