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Can I use a Realtor to buy a New Home and should I?

Here in South Orange County, we have several new communities popping up. Locally we have  Baker Ranch ,  The Oaksat Portola Hills ,  Skyridge in Mission Viejo ,  Camden Square inFoothill Ranch  just to name few.   This is good, as resale inventory is very tight.   However, it is also an area that Home Buyers often do not think they can use a Realtor to assist them with finding a home or to negotiate terms.   Buyers often will pop in as they are driving around, fall in love and then maybe contact their local agent once they decided or have placed and offer.  The problem here is it is too late.   If you have already visited the property and registered most new home complexes will think of you as their client and will not let you use a agent.   Below are some tips of why it is a good idea to use an agent when looking at new homes: 1.   The Overall Real Estate Market:   Though new home pricing is going to be typically higher than resales, understanding the market trends is k