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First Month of Sold Properties in 2015 for Portola Hills

Can you believe it.... we are already in the second month of 2015..  The holiday hangover is over and home buyers are anxiously waiting for spring with anticipation of new beginnings.. January home sales are typically quiet and this year was no exception.   The number of homes that sold in Portola Hills was a total of five, exactly the same for 2014.. Below is a quick look of the homes that closed escrow in Portola Hills from January 1 through the 31st, 2015. Portola Hills January 2015 Closed Sales Wondering how this compares to January 2014... take a look below.   Portola Hills January 2014 Closed Sales Did you notice the difference pricing... This is why January and early spring is always a great time to sell.  Listing inventory is low... Buyers are anxious to move now that the holidays are over and with the lower interest rates, buyers have the ability to buy more for their dollars. Inventory typically starts to increase between March and May.. so if home se

Where are all the Portola Hills Homes? Maybe listed in the wrong city....

This has been a common question I have been receiving lately from Home Buyers.... Where are all the Portola Hills homes for sale?  That's right inventory is VERY low.  However, as I was searching for a home for a buyer, I did find a little interesting tidbit, 5 Portola Hills homes currently active are listed in the wrong city. Now you might be thinking that is not a big deal, but put yourself in a home buyers seat, who is searching online at 9pm at night.... Buyers search by two main things.... Price and Location. They then drill down to neighborhoods and details such as school.   Buyers searching for homes in Portola Hills and are not going to find these properties.  So as a Home Seller you are missing out. Portola Hills Ariel View Interesting these 5 listings are all listed by out of the area real estate agents and have been on the market longer than any listing that is correctly listed on the market.  In addition there were 3 sold listings listed in the wrong city.  Wha