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Should you buy a one bedroom condo?

I recently helped a lovely client purchase his first home.. It was a 1-Bedroom Condo in Mission Viejo, California.  As we were searching for his home, and when working with other home buyers, the question often comes up, "Should I buy a 1-bedroom", my answer back is always "why not?" Especially when working with first-time home buyers the question really isn't should I.. In South Orange County. 1-bedrooms average pricing is around $300k-$350k in today's market, so the real question comes down to affordability and should you buy now or wait.  Another important factor to consider is the average rent for a 1-bedroom in South Orange County is between $1800-$2100/month. When working with first-time buyers, it is important to take special care to review all aspects of the real estate transaction:  Affordability,  Economic Factors and their current "Place in life"..  Are they single, starting a family soon, settled in a career, etc.   Once these