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Portola Hills 2021 Real Estate Recap

If I had to describe in one word how the Portola Hills real estate market performed in would be Crazy.. AF (well technically that is 3 words abbreviated).  Below is a video recap of the details. Take a listen and for more details, you'll find the complete report below.  What is the value of my Portola Hills Home? In 2021 there were 185 sold properties in Portola Hills, pretty much split between Single Family Homes and Attached homes.  Fun fact, in 2020 93 single family homes sold and in 2021 the exact same number sold.  Interesting the value of homes both Attached and Single Family homes, grew 15% from 2020. It is important to note that this is overall, your home may have had more or less, depending on the community, conditions and recent sales specific to your home.  If you would like a report for your home specifically, please do not hesitate to request a Home Value Report here . Search Portola Hills Homes If you are considering a move in 2022, please do not hesitate to