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Is your Portola Hills home going to be your first Rental Property?

Did you know there are over 200 original owners here in Portola Hills.  The community was started in the late 80's so that is nearly 40+ years of equity growth for those homeowners.  Especially with the median price of the area nearing $1 million dollars.   Most of those homeowners have very low mortgages or the homes are paid off, which provides them with a wonderful opportunity to leverage their equity into other rental properties.  Perhaps the original home could become or has become their first investment property. With rising rents, right now is an excellent time to perhaps take the jump to become a landlord.   Check out these 3 Mistakes we see first time investors make in the real estate market. 1.  Not doing a cash flow analysis. 🤑 It is easy to say, oh my mortgage is this, I can rent it for that and do the math.  But it goes much deeper than that, understanding your overall cost is critical step in planning. 2.  Not working with a real estate agent. 💁‍♀️ Truth, having a R