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What is selling in Portola Hills this Lovely July Holiday Weekend.

Wondering what  is selling in Portola Hills.   Below is a listing of all homes that sold in June along with two that has closed escrow in this first week of July. Three homes sold over asking pricing at an average of about 5% over asking. The average sales price in June 2012 was $347k with 7 homes sold. Average sale price in June 2013 is $542k with 10 homes sold.  Of course the important factor here is mix of homes that sold, but it does give you an idea of the increase in home values we are seeing due to the low inventory.   Though inventory has increased it is still far below buyer demand.  If you  are considering a move, now is the time especially with the anticipation  of higher interest rates in the last half of 2013. If you are looking for a detailed report on your home value, don't hesitate to contact Kelly direct.

Stats, Stats and More Real Estate Stats for Orange County

Just a quick look at where the inventory currently is at in Orange County California for today 8/25/09. Active Properties: 8848 = 3.36 Supply Closed Escrow: 7573 in the last 90 days As you can see the inventory is extremly low. Demand is high, inventory low, which we all now means pricing should be inching up. Of course, new to this phenom is the number of distressed properties. What does the market need. Equity Sellers! If you are considering a move up, now is a great time to advantage of the low inventory, high buyer demand and low interest rates, call Kelly today.