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Portola Hills Home Sales Jan & Feb

We are well into 2017 with the first two months behind us and hopefully some of that rainy weather we had.  Both January and February were record breaking months for rain.  Though needed, due to the drought, I will confess I am happy the weather forecast for the next week ahead is sunny and warm!!  Time for some work in the yard and friends over! The weather is a perfect metaphor for the Real Estate Market.   The last two months, have been pretty static in Portola Hills and a little quiet... Like people are staying home with the fireplace on and watching the rain.  But as Inventory is very low, with only 1 a paired home available and 3 new builds in The Oaks community, the clouds have parted and the market is warming up!   Below is breakdown by style of pricing for January and February. The most expensive home sold in Portola Hills so far in 2017 is a 3700 sq.ft JM Peters home that sold for $1.150,000.   The least expensive was a 2 bedroom Canyon View Condo which sold fo