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Portola Hills Home Buyers Love our Property Search App

I meet so many people when I am holding open a home that come in from just driving around looking for signs of what homes are available. They may have seen online that a home was scheduled to be open but generally print out the details and walk in with a stack of paper and kinda lost at what home they are looking for or they have no information on the home they popped into. We understand that you as a home buyer want to do some research on your own and I encourage my clients to make sure if they are interested in a specific neighborhood to drive it...  I then send them a link for our custom property search mobile app.   Take a look... at our how to video on how to use the Property Search App. If you are interested in the App, reach out to us and we will send you the link directly.  As well, we will send you a our H ome Buyer eGuide.  It  is filled with useful information to help with maneuver through the home buying process. Search Available Portola Hills Homes

Portola Hills Jan 2017 Real Estate Market Review - What pricing went down?

Happy February 1st..  Yes we are officially in the 2nd month of 2017.  The month of love... will love shine on the Portola Hills Real Estate Market in February? We will have to wait and see but currently with the low inventory overall and the high buyer traffic at our open houses I don't see why it wouldn't.   Let's take a look at how the market performed in the first month of 2017: Jan 2017 Portola Hills Real Estate Sales Report Looking at the numbers, do you see that negative 5%.. yes me too and I probably had the same reaction you are having here.  Wait how can the value go down when all I am hearing is pricing is up?  OK maybe it is the mix of homes.. nope that doesn't work in this scenario as the mix of homes was almost identical, 4 condo's and 1 single family attached home closed.  In 2016 exactly the same but the 8 homes sold.    In 2016 the median price of home was $457k and as you can see above, this last month it was $435k.  So why.. it&