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Portola Hills Employment Rate is 96.1%

I was reading an article today that caught my attention on the O.C. Register. The reason it caught my attention is because it was in a sense trying to be positive yet it's very nature was negative. I have posted before, that the media only focus is bad news so it doesn't surprise me, but as the article mentioned Portola Hills, I thought I would put a positive spin on it. The article "What's the jobless rate in your O.C. city " notes that the most recent Orange County unemployment rate is 7.9% and then breaks it down by city. For Portola Hills that rate is 3.9%. Though I don't want to take away the fact that unemployment is hurting everyone, if we just switched the wording around don't you think the stress from those words would be much different..... In these difficult times, focus on the Possibilities.