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Portola Hills February Real Estate Recap!

 Wondering how the real estate market did the second month of 2023?  Check out our monthly real estate snapshot on what properties sold in Portola Hills along with current homes available and coming soon!  Did you check out those values!  I admit, even though I am in the real estate business these prices do surprise me sometimes.  The average price of a home in Portola Hills was $1,536,000 in February, that is up from $923,597 in 2022.  Of course, mix of homes plays a roll in this.   Overall in Orange County, home prices are being pushed up by low inventory.  Low inventory is good news for sellers, but with higher prices and higher interest rates, buyers are a bit nervous.  Sellers need to be careful in navigating today’s housing market. Homes priced according to their Fair Market Value and decent condition will procure plenty of activity and, in many cases, obtain multiple offers. But homes in poor shape with plenty of deferred maintenance, houses with an inferior location, and overp

Portola Hills 2021 Real Estate Recap

If I had to describe in one word how the Portola Hills real estate market performed in would be Crazy.. AF (well technically that is 3 words abbreviated).  Below is a video recap of the details. Take a listen and for more details, you'll find the complete report below.  What is the value of my Portola Hills Home? In 2021 there were 185 sold properties in Portola Hills, pretty much split between Single Family Homes and Attached homes.  Fun fact, in 2020 93 single family homes sold and in 2021 the exact same number sold.  Interesting the value of homes both Attached and Single Family homes, grew 15% from 2020. It is important to note that this is overall, your home may have had more or less, depending on the community, conditions and recent sales specific to your home.  If you would like a report for your home specifically, please do not hesitate to request a Home Value Report here . Search Portola Hills Homes If you are considering a move in 2022, please do not hesitate to

Congratulations to our Holiday Cash winners

 It is always exciting to have a contest in our local marketplace of Portola Hills. We find the community really enjoys them and it is an excellent way to get to know our neighbors.  Our Holiday Cash giveaway is always my favorite!  This year especially as we had to delay our Halloween/Fall decorating contest due to the recent Bond fire.  We had a great turnout and it was very exciting to deliver some holiday cash to our clients and community. GPS real estate group holiday cash winners We want to thank everyone who entered our contest and most importantly enjoy it.  We look at is a fun activity for the community and in 2020, I think we could all use a lot more fun!  Search Portola Hills Homes Watch for our next contest coming the spring 2021.  

Fire, Evacuations, Wind didn't stop the Portola Hills Real Estate Market in October

Wow, October was a crazy month for our community!  Unfortunately the community had a slight scare with the Silverado Fire as it inched closer to Portola Hills and through part of Whiting Ranch.  The good news is the OCFA kept us safe with no homes near the fire, the community was evacuated as a precaution. Through it all, real estate continued to remain strong with 13 homes selling during the month of October.  The highest price home that sold in the community was $1,400,000 in the IronRidge community.   The lowest price home was $450,000 in the Canyon View community.  The average price of a home that sold in Portola Hills was $764,551.  Check out the details below.  What is the value of my Portola Hills Home? The overall real estate market in Orange County remains very strong this fall. Low inventory and high buyer demand continues to drive up pricing.  As we approach the holidays, inventory will remain low.  This is also driving buyers to new homes, which in Portola Hills has spurre

Portola Hills Home Values Increase 16% from May 2016.. Is there still room to grow?

You have heard the rule of supply and demand and it is certainly a factor in our latest market review for Portola Hills.  Below is a look at how the market finished up and as you will note, we saw a 16% increase in values from May 2016. The above numbers are consistent with the overall Orange County market when I look at Detached Single Family homes.  However, on the condo  i.e. attached market, pricing is behind the rest of the county, where the average price of a a attached home was $477k. Search Portola Hills Homes Opportunity is certainly available for home owners thinking of selling in Portola Hills.  Homes that are priced well, in showing condition and available are receiving multiple offers.   July is the transition time for the market as summer distractions take their hold on the market, but with the low inventory opportunity is still present! What's the Value of my Portola Hills Home? Let's grab a cub of coffee and review your home selling needs

November Home Values for Portola Hills

We have arrived at the last month of 2016! Can you believe it, man that was a fast year.  Fast is the perfect segway of how the real estate market in Portola Hills performed in November. The average days on the market for homes sold in November was just 29 days. Who would buy a house in November or this time year with all the holiday stuff going on? This is often what we hear, but as we are in South Orange County and not hampered by the snow, etc.  November is traditionally a fairly busy month in the OC for real estate.   For the county, 2419 homes sold in November that is up about 20% from 2015. For Portola Hills the number of sales was up by one property but take a look at the price increases from 2015 below. Portola Hills November 2016 Real Estate Snapshot The average price of a single family home in November 2015 $693,000 but that was for a 2284 4 bedroom home. The price per square foot was $310.  Now looking at 2016, the average home price was $624,000, but that w