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The Portola Hills Rental Market

Rental market in Portola Hills?  You might be thinking wait there are not any apartments in Portola Hills, so how many rentals can their be.   Did you know there are over 280 rental properties in Portola Hills.  So far in 2015 33 residences have rented*. In 2014 a total of 38 residences were rentals, below is a summary of what has rented so far this year.. Portola Hills Rentals Breaking the above data down, shows the average rent in Portola Hills was $2477 and that was for 1463 square feet.  Overall the price per square footage is at $1.79 per square foot. This is 7% increase from 2014, where the price per square foot averaged $1.67.   This increase is pretty consistent with the rest of Orange County.  A report in the OC Register in July noted pricing overall in the County increased 6.9%. When working with tenants I find they are drawn to Portola Hills for the same reason homeowners are, it's a nice residential area, low crime,  centrally located within Orange County w