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Portola Hills Real Estate Market Snapshot

Are you wondering if you missed the height of the real estate market?  Are you hearing homes are not selling as fast and the number of offers has died down.  This is partially true, but it is not because the market is shifting to buyers market...  It is a seasonal shift.  Did you know July and August, typically are the slowest months of real estate in the OC.  Why, simply summer distractions!   For our monthly Portola Hills market recap, this month we looked at how the market performed the last 3 months, from July - September.  Take a peek at the numbers below:   As you can see in the above report, homeowners who decided to sell in the last 3 months received on average 103% to their list price.  Low Inventory and Interest Rates remaining below 3% is keeping the buyer demand high.  Homes priced right are still selling quickly for over asking price.  For our clients this year we are averaging about 112% of list price.   I would caution sellers to simply list their home over the last home