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Portola Hills 5 Giving Tips under $5.00

I have spoken with so many people this year who are struggling financially and feel heartbroken that they can not give outside their family's . So I came up with a quick listing of 5 areas we can give for under a $5.00. Check out these links: - A $5.00 donation makes a difference to a family who needs help with bills due to illness, domestic violence or other tragedies. - A $1.00 donation (yes $1.00) will provide nine pounds of groceries to a hungry family in the U.S. - $5.00 buys seven pairs of socks for a homeless person. - $5.00 buys seeds for enough veggies to feed a struggling family of seven. and this one is free ------ - play the daily trivia and every answer right or wrong - sends 10 pieces of dog food to an Animal Shelter in need. Merry Christmas! Kelly Turbeville