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Portola Hills Home Values Increase 16% from May 2016.. Is there still room to grow?

You have heard the rule of supply and demand and it is certainly a factor in our latest market review for Portola Hills.  Below is a look at how the market finished up and as you will note, we saw a 16% increase in values from May 2016. The above numbers are consistent with the overall Orange County market when I look at Detached Single Family homes.  However, on the condo  i.e. attached market, pricing is behind the rest of the county, where the average price of a a attached home was $477k. Search Portola Hills Homes Opportunity is certainly available for home owners thinking of selling in Portola Hills.  Homes that are priced well, in showing condition and available are receiving multiple offers.   July is the transition time for the market as summer distractions take their hold on the market, but with the low inventory opportunity is still present! What's the Value of my Portola Hills Home? Let's grab a cub of coffee and review your home selling needs

Shhhh you might wake up the Portola Hills Real Estate Market

As we venture into the summer months, the real estate market in Portola Hills is a bit quiet, but that is not much different from 2016 when you compare the two years together.   Overall inventory remains below demand and we know how the saying goes, low inventory, high demand = ? Portola Hills SFR/Detached Home Sales - April 2017 Portola Hills Detached Real Estate Values: Median Price of Detached Single Family Home in April was $980,000 and that is up over 9% from 2016. Inventory of available homes is just over 1 month. Days on the market is down to 43 days year to date Portola Hills Attached Home Sales April 2017  Portola Hills Attached Real Estate Values: Median Price of Attached Home in April was $455,000 and that is  down 7%  from 2016. Pricing year to date is flat. Inventory of available homes is just over 1 month. Days on the market is down to 46 days year to date As I look at the numbers and compare to the overall Orange County real est