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Was there really a 28% increase in Portola Hills Home Values?

We just finished up our review of the Portola Hills real estate market for September and it was hot, hot, hot!!   Both home values and sales volume were higher last month then the same time period in 2017.    This is slightly different then the rest of the OC real estate market.   Though we are starting to see a slight shift towards a balanced market and homes are taking longer to sell, we did not see a decline in pricing. Search Available Portola Hills Homes Below is a snapshot of the Portola Hills real estate market in September Looking at the current real estate market, we see plenty of opportunity for both sellers and buyers.  Thus why it is called a balanced market.  Honestly, if you are thinking of moving up and/or downsizing, today's real estate market offers you the opportunity to take advantage of the equity you gained the last few years and now provides more buying power.  Especially before interest rates rise in 2019. What's the Value of my Porto

Why is there a Month for Homeowners?

Did you know June is recognized as Homeownership Month.   Do you remember that feeling when you bought your first home, or are you dreaming of such.   There is no doubt homownership offers an array of benefits both tangible and intangible.  It that why it called the American Dream!  Below is a quick look at some facts that about the benefits of Homeownership. • 86 percent of current renters want to own a home in the future. • Homeowners bring stability to neighborhoods. Homeowners move far less frequently than non-owners, and hence are embedded into the same neighborhood and community for a longer period. • The average child of homeowners is significantly more likely to achieve a higher level of education and, thereby, a higher level of earnings. • While both homeowners and non-owners may aspire to be engaged parents, homeowners likely live in neighborhoods with more opportunities for school involvement or participation in neighborhood activities. • Homeowners

Shhhh you might wake up the Portola Hills Real Estate Market

As we venture into the summer months, the real estate market in Portola Hills is a bit quiet, but that is not much different from 2016 when you compare the two years together.   Overall inventory remains below demand and we know how the saying goes, low inventory, high demand = ? Portola Hills SFR/Detached Home Sales - April 2017 Portola Hills Detached Real Estate Values: Median Price of Detached Single Family Home in April was $980,000 and that is up over 9% from 2016. Inventory of available homes is just over 1 month. Days on the market is down to 43 days year to date Portola Hills Attached Home Sales April 2017  Portola Hills Attached Real Estate Values: Median Price of Attached Home in April was $455,000 and that is  down 7%  from 2016. Pricing year to date is flat. Inventory of available homes is just over 1 month. Days on the market is down to 46 days year to date As I look at the numbers and compare to the overall Orange County real est