Was there really a 28% increase in Portola Hills Home Values?

We just finished up our review of the Portola Hills real estate market for September and it was hot, hot, hot!!  Both home values and sales volume were higher last month then the same time period in 2017.   

This is slightly different then the rest of the OC real estate market.   Though we are starting to see a slight shift towards a balanced market and homes are taking longer to sell, we did not see a decline in pricing.

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Below is a snapshot of the Portola Hills real estate market in September

Portola Hills home values by realtor kelly turbeville

Looking at the current real estate market, we see plenty of opportunity for both sellers and buyers.  Thus why it is called a balanced market.  Honestly, if you are thinking of moving up and/or downsizing, today's real estate market offers you the opportunity to take advantage of the equity you gained the last few years and now provides more buying power.  Especially before interest rates rise in 2019.

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In other news, we have some exciting news... 

I would like to introduce to you Olivia Belasco a new agent on a our team. She will be working with me in the Portola Hills community.  When you list with us you now have double the effort to get your home sold or to help you find your next dream home.  Actually you have the entire GPS real estate group at Keller Williams behind you.

Speaking of Keller Williams, we are some very exciting news to share with Lake Forest Community, so stay tuned!!

Don't hesitate to give us a call to answer any of your real estate questions.  Our goal is to be your resource for all things real estate! 

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