It's a lovely day for walk up to Concourse Park in Portola Hills.

Community parks are so important to neighborhoods and here in Portola Hills, there are two major parks that offer residence an ideal spot to get outside and enjoy the nature around them.  The new Portola Park and Concourse Park

This morning, I took a walk up at Concourse Park and was feeling very blessed to have such a nice amenity in my backyard.  The Park of nearly 8 acres, offers a variety of amenities as well, but one of the most impressive details is it is set up right against Whiting Wilderness Ranch which provides a beautiful scenic views.

Amenities of Concourse Park include:

  • 2 Covered Picnic Areas
  • 2 Barbeques
  • Large Grassy Area
  • Play Area for Kids
  • Walking Path
  • 4 Exercise Stations
  • 2 Water Fountains (for the pups too)
  • Basketball court
  • Public Bathrooms
For a fee of $25, Lake Forest residents may reserve a park shelters for gatherings of fewer than 50 people without a special event application. To reserve a park shelter, click here.

Location of Concourse Park in Portola Hills: Take El Toro Road and Turn left onto Ridgeline, right before Cooks Corner.  Turn left on Saddleback Ranch Road. You’ll pass the community pool and the playground is just ahead on the right. (Address: 18931 Saddleback Ranch Road, Lake Forest)  

Take a peek at our little video we created this am at the park and for further pictures make sure to visit Portola Hills Living here and on Facebook. 

One thing to note if you are visiting Concourse Park, with nature being the backdrop of the park, visitors should be aware of the natural wildlife that can visit.  Rattle Snakes, Coyotes, lions are known in the area.  Just something you should be aware of, especially if you have littles who like to explore. 

If you have questions about Portola Hills, don't hesitate to reach out to Kelly Turbeville directly. 

About the Arthur: Kelly Turbeville is a local Real Estate Professional who has successfully has helped many Portola Hills residents purchase and sell homes in the area since 2004. She is also a resident of the area and involved deeply in the community.  She host the Portola Hills Wine Club, as well South OC Supper Club both community groups you can find on Facebook.  She recently awarded the Community Hero Award, from the city of Lake Forest, for her efforts to help Local Restaurants during the pandemic.  


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