How Much Did That Home in Portola Hills Sell For?

As we enter what is known as the "Selling Season" we are getting lot's of questions about what is happening in the overall market.  Is the market going to crash? How are Interest Rates impacting the market? Will more homes come on the market this year? 

These are all good questions to ask, especially right now as we are starting to see a shift.  Yes, the sudden rise of Interest Rates has impacted buyers. But let's keep in mind, in 2018 the interest rates were about 5% and lot's of homes sold.

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Let's take a look at how the Portola Hills market performed in March. 

Portola Hills Real Estate Market Report

As you can see in the above report, the Portola Hills real estate market continues to remain very strong. Homeowners who sold in March, received about 10% over their list to sale price.  Homeowners in the Serenado Tract were pleasantly surprised to see this tract start selling over $1,000,000.   While pricing has certainly gone up, would it surprise you if  we told pricing is right were it is suppose to be. 

Caution to Sellers, if you are planning to sell this spring, pricing your home correctly is key to getting top dollar.  Demand has slowed a bit, more inventory will come on the market as sellers who have waited will not want to miss this opportunity, so I anticipate we will begin to see added competition.  With too much competition comes less appreciation. 

If you have been trying to time the market, you might have missed the best time to list twice now.  Right now is probably the 3rd best time, but sooner is better.  

Perhaps you are not interested in moving but  there is still opportunity. I would highly recommend getting a Home Value Analysis to see if you are leaving $$ on the table.  Right now is an excellent opportunity to leverage your equity.  

Have you thought about a future move out of state or downsizing? What about buying that home now, renting it for a couple of years until you're ready. This provides you the opportunity to leverage your equity into passive income with your future plans in mind.  Maybe you always thought about having a second home... or updating your home.. now is the perfect time.

If you are considering a move, I would love the opportunity to go over how we can help you. We have been helping Portola Hills Homeowners since 2004 with all their real estate needs.


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