Do I need to Stage my home in this market?

Have you seen those commercials, your home doesn't need anything just my sign in front to get it sold?  What those commercials doesn't tell you, is your home will sell for less in most cases.  Yes, with the current Buyer demand your home is in demand, but that does not mean it is in front of the right buyers nor does it mean it will sell for top dollar.  Plenty of homes sell below market even in this market. 😳

If you ever bought a home, you know walking into a beautiful home makes all the difference.  That is why new homes sell so well. Home buyers often don't realize the cost of those addition and staging would add over $100,000 in upgrades to your purchase.

So the question comes up, do we have to stage.  Truthfully, the answers depends on your home!    One thing is for sure, staged homes sell for more $$.  We love helping our clients prepare their home for sale.  Some chose to stage others we assist the sellers on the best preparations for the home to present well.  We are pleased that our record shows our homes sell for more. 

Another way to look at staging is, you were introducing a product to the market.  Long before it goes on the shelf, there is pre-marketing completed, beautiful advertising is created and it is targeted to the buyer who is willing to pay for that product.  If your goal is to get top dollar and your home is a bit out dated, then we highly recommend considering staging.

Now the question comes in real estate who pays for staging.  Again that depends on your home.  A professional Realtor may offer these services as  part of their full service package.  Seller's can pay a staging company directly and the agent might be able to have that cost billed directly to escrow so it comes out of the sellers proceeds.  This is why it is super important to work  with an agent that these services already established

If you are in Orange County and considering a move, but know your house has some work that needs to be done.  The first thing we will do is take a quick review of the home.  We will detail out what we recommend done and if we need to perform any type of construction updates or repairs.  We will then suggest to START PACKING, this is the number one first step when you are getting your home ready and we promise this will help you. Finally once the repairs are completed and we determine what type of staging is needed, we will schedule accordingly and then start the market process.   


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