Portola Hills Residents Holding City Officials Accountable

At the recent Portola Center Meeting in Portola Hills, many questions came up regarding the agreement between the developer and Saddleback Valley Unified School and ensuring those funds were used for the improvements at Portola Hills Elementary.  Below is a note direct from Lake Forest's Planning Manager, Cheryl Kuta.

Thank you for attending the Portola Hills community meeting on August 18, 2010 and listening to the City’s presentation on the history of the Opportunities Study, including the Portola Center project, as well as a discussion of the City’s role in the review of the proposed plans for Portola Center. We are currently working on responses to the written questions received during the presentation, as well as a general list of Frequently Asked Questions that will be made available on the City’s website. Our goal is to maintain an open and productive dialog with the community throughout the review of the Portola Center project.

One of the issues discussed at length at the community meeting was the School Mitigation Agreement that Portola Center entered into with Saddleback Valley Unified School District. We have reviewed the terms of the School Mitigation Agreement and have confirmed that the document does specify how and where the fees paid by Portola Center are to be used, as summarized below.
• School Mitigation Fees: Payment of the $8,410 per residential unit fee is paid at the issuance of a building permit for each unit; the District is required to spend the fees on school facilities within the City of Lake Forest.

• Portola Hills Elementary Repairs: A payment of $2,900,000 is due to the District at the time the first residential building permit is issued within the Portola Center project. The agreement specifies that the money shall be used for modernization of Portola Hills Elementary School. The agreement also specifies that the District must make the repairs as soon as reasonably feasible.
Once again, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your interest in the City of Lake Forest and welcome you to continue to dialog with the City on issues that are important to your community.

Cheryl Kuta
Planning Manager

This information is provided as courtesy only, deemed reliable but not guarenteed.


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