If owning a home is not all the important then why all the anxiety?

The answers lie within the fact that your home, yes is an aspect of financial security, but more importantly represents a life! So as with any loss, comes profound sadness and high anxiety.

Many are living in quiet desperation, realizing that something has to give, but loosing your home, represents more then moving, so we try to hold on. Trying to deal with increased Interest Rates or Monthly Payments, Negative Equity, Lower Property Values, looming Mortgage Resets, living on Credit to make ends meet and it all becomes a vicious cycle.

So where do you turn, many decide just to walk away. Others search for answers, realizing loosing their home is more then just finding a new place to live rather the need to take a positive step towards rebuilding security.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Help is out there and you might be a perfect candidate for a Loan Modification through Loss Mitigation.

What is Loss Mitigation? It allows for Negotiations on your behalf with your lender. This is not a new loan and won’t change your home title. It’s the process of engineering a solution for both the Homeowner and Lender.

But it is not as simple as a phone call to your lender, if you have tried to go to them for help then you understand. The process is made possible by a deep understanding of Lending guidelines, Lender protocol and procedures, knowledge of State and Federal laws and regulations; focusing on the goal to secure more affordable terms for the homeowner while managing the risk and losses of the Lender.

Trust there are possibilities, HOMES are saved everyday!

Kelly Turbeville is one of South Orange County premier Real Estate Advisor focusing in the Saddleback Valley and the communities of Lake Forest, Portola Hills, and Foothill Ranch. Whether she’s helping a first time buyer accomplish the goal of homeownership, or coaching a homeowner on venturing into real estate investments or helping a client review their mortgage options, Kelly is committed to making it happen! For Kelly, it has never been just about selling you a house! Her success comes from developing a business that is a trusted place to turn to when you need anything Real Estate!

It’s Possible!

The above information is provided as an opinion and is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.


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