Residents are moving in to the Portola Hills Affordable Senior Apartments

Residents are moving in.. to where you might ask?  The Portola Senior Affordable Apartments!  This has been a long time coming and the final buildout of the IronRidge community in Portola Hills, Lake Forest.  

A little behind the scenes of this development.  When zoning changed in Lake Forest the owner of the land had the opportunity to move from commercial properties to residential.  There was a small group of us Portola Hills residence to who started a steering committee to try and ensure the development followed the wishes of the residents and stayed within natural aesthetic of lovely Portola Hills.  That was not always an easy task between builders and the city and honestly the residents, me included had huge concerns about this development.   

Two areas, I am proud of is the Portola Park Dog Park, which was a suggestion of mine and then agreed upon with the city. This was a four million dollar project. This was needed as we only had 1 park in the area, Concourse Park and it was open to both Whiting Ranch and the busy Saddleback Ranch street.  After much discussion we were able to get the park approved and added to the community plan.

The second area, I am proud of is the Portola Place Senior Apartments.  When the state mandated that a certain percentage of all new developments must be allocated to Affordable Housing, originally the plan was to put in low income apartments.  This can always be a concern for residents, who are concerned about home values.  Happily everyone loved my suggestion to help our local Lake Forest Seniors.

What a lovely neighborhood for Lake Forest Seniors who need assistance to call home!  The community is gated and just a few steps away from Portola Park.  

And that is how these two aspects of the Portola Hills community came together.  

Portola Senior Apartments is the first CHW development in Orange County, California. Located in beautiful Lake Forest, this single building provides 57 affordable apartments for older adults earning approximately $50,000 per year or less. The four-story building has three floors dedicated to apartments and a ground-floor reserved for commercial retailers. Portola Senior Apartments serves residents 62+ years old as couples or individuals in one-bedroom apartments with features to aid in aging-in-place such as elevator access and ADA-compliant bathrooms and kitchens. The community is dedicated to providing long-term affordable apartments and resident service programs for low-income Lake Forest residents.

As a resident and local REALTOR, I am committed to the ensuring the community of Portola Hills thrives!  One of the details I love most about living here is how much the residents care about the community.  If you are looking for a wonderful community to call home I highly recommend it. 

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