First Month of 22 is a Hot, Hot, Hot in Portola Hills

 So have you heard the 22 real estate market is starting off with a bang!  Overall in Orange County we have the lowest inventory on record.  Currently there are about 1200 homes available for extremely high demand throughout the OC.  In Portola Hills, we have about a half a month of inventory available.  So what does this mean... In order for us to have a more balanced market for buyers and sellers, we would need to have about 6000 homes available.  For the market to turn to a buyers market we would need about 8000 homes.  As you can see with the current inventory of under 1200, listings are needed, which is an amazing opportunity for sellers.  Especially if you are looking to make a move up, because right now interest rates are still low and we know they are projected to increase throughout the year.

RIGHT NOW, provides the opportunity to sell high and save $$ on your purchase!

Below is a look at how the Portola Hills real estate market performed! 

Portola Hills market report january 2022

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Check out our Portola Hills Market Recap Video for a bit more details on what is currently happening in the Portola Hills real estate market.

If you are thinking of a move, we would love to review both your short and long term goals.  We are pleased to have helped our clients in 2021 receive over $240k in extra profit.  The average home in Portola Hills sold for 102% of the list price, while our average was 112%.  This important because as you can see above sellers last month received slightly less than the market.  Crazyness in this hot market!

What is the Value of my Portola Hills Home

Let's chat about the strategies we take to ensure you goals are met!!


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