Portola Hills Halloween Contest

It's that time of year.. the kiddos will be out and about and excited to see your home decorated in the Halloween spirit.  I have lived  and worked in Portola Hills since 1995 and I have always loved how the neighbors come together to make it enjoyable for the kids.   We use to have many driveway fire-pits and haunted garages as the kids walked the neighborhood!

Realtor Kelly Turbeville sponsors Halloween contest

In that spirit we are hosting a fun contest on our Portola Hills Living Facebook Page.   It's super simple too!  

1. Take a picture of your home.. day or night whatever shows off your decorations the best.   

2.  Post your picture on our Portola Hills Living Page... or send me a picture direct and I will upload for you.

That's it... On Halloween, we will enter everyone who posted a picture into a drawing and randomly select the winner.  Seriously even if you have just a simple decoration as pumpkins in the yard... send a picture!!

So what's the prize!!   A $50.00 Home Depot Gift Card!   Just in time to purchase your Christmas Decoration!!

Don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions.. Terms apply:


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