What is the value of my Foothill Ranch home

As Foothill Ranch is our neighboring city it is important to keep on top of the trends of the area.. Foothill Ranch is larger community then Portola Hills but similar in demographics, etc.

Below is a quick look at how the Foothill Ranch Real Estate Market performed in July and Year to Date from the Orange County Association of Realtors.

Foothill Ranch Detached Home Sales

Home Values in Foothill Ranch by Realtor Kelly Turbeville
Foothill Ranch Attached Homes Sales
Comparing numbers Portola Hills is outpacing Foothill Ranch this year. In terms of price gains and growth.  The new development in Baker Ranch, Camden Square and El Paseo I would suspect have impacted resales in the area.   

Don't forget if you are looking  to buy in a new development you can have a Realtor help you and it is probably in your best interest to develop a negotiation strategy and be ready to compare against what the developer will offer.

When determining the value of your home it is always important to consider a number of factors.   We have simplified the process.   Get your FREE Home Value Report


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