Was Real Estate up or down in Portola Hills?. June Real Estate Report (infographic)

As we are getting back to work after enjoying the 4th of July events, it is time to look at how the Portola Hills Real Estate Market performed in June...  For my business it didn't seem slow but when I look at the numbers we do see sales volume down about 50% from what it was in June 2015 for the Portola Hills Market.

Looking at pricing in the Portola Hills it was up about 7% from June last year. Which is consistent with the rest of the county.

Does the sales volume slow down signify a shift in the market?  The simplest answer; it depends.  Looking at history we know the best time to sell a home is Early Spring to Mid-June.   We typically have a seasonal slow down in late June through the 4th of July.

Inventory has increased slightly throughout the county but in pockets such as Portola Hills it has remained low.  So if more homes come on the market through August we may see a bit more of a balanced market.  

However, at the point of putting these numbers together there are only 9 active homes on the market in Portola Hills and important to note, no entry level condo's currently listed.

So there is still plenty of time to capture a top price for your home if you are considering a move.  

Timing, inventory, location are all important elements for the successful sale of your home.   

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What is my home value?


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