El Nino is coming to Portola Hills... 10 tips for your home and safety!

If you haven't heard... El Nino is on its way to SoCal.  Actually it is already here, just the rainy part is projected to start and consistently happen from January through March and as you know Portola Hills and the Canyon areas of the South Orange County can get hit hard with rain and wind.  

Personally I knew in the back of my mind, I needed to do some maintenance around the house.... but with no rain in site... yes I procrastinated.   Well today as I was having new satellite service installed, I looked up to see a lovely site (ugh) one of my eaves is having an issue.. Water, Termite, Clogged Gutter, not sure what... but what I know for sure... It is time to prepare for El Nino...  Over the last few years with the drought, things we didn't really have to worry about are about to hit us all.
As I was thinking about my house, I pulled together the following list of items to consider as you prepare your home for El Nino
5 Quick Home Maintenance Tips to do before El Nino Hits:
1.  Clean and repair gutters, downspouts and drains.    
2.  Inspect the property for leaky windows, doors and roofs.  Paint, seal the cracks in the window seal and doors.
3.  Check slopes for signs of erosion.
4.  Inspect fences, retaining walls for signs of distress or failure.
5. Inspect, feed and trim landscaping for overhanging branches that are to close to the house and for root issues.  Reduce the schedule or shut off your automated sprinkler system.
5 Safety Reminders during El Nino:
1.  Make a disaster kit that is portable in case you have to evacuate.
2.  Ensure flashlights have batteries and working.
3. Do not attempt to walk or drive through flooded areas.  Just six inches of water can sweep you off your feet.  Stay away if from areas in Orange County known for flash flooding. 
4.  Be aware, listen to the weather and have quick access to:
5. Make a list of important phone numbers that you may need, and keep handy,  utility companies, roofers, handyman, general contractors, landscapers and family.
I know with the holidays this is something you probably want to put on the back burner.. but maybe just add to your list of holiday prep... just think before you hang those Christmas lights you can check the rain gutters.  
We all know preparation now will save you both time and money in the future.  After all your home is one of your most important assets, time to treat it like one...
As always if there is anyway we can help you with your home, we are just a phone call away.  We have a great list of maintenance references from our clients, if you need.

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