10 Quick Curb Appeal Features to Update your Portola Hills Home

I was taking a stroll through the Portola Hills neighborhood this morning and I love seeing some of the new landscaping residents are putting in to deal with the drought.   This is certainly needed and the Realtor in me always smiles as curb appeal is key in your homes value.

Curb Appeal by Kelly Turbeville
Why is curb appeal so important to homeowners? We all know first impressions are everything.. right!  Doesn't it make you feel good when you walk up to your house and see how great it looks. 

Have you ever walked up to a house with poor curb appeal? Now jump ahead and imagine that feeling if you were a home buyer...

Does your home need a little updated curb appeal.... Here are 10 Low Cost and Quick Updates, you can do this weekend!

  • Clear the way.. The path to your front door should be wide, think of two people walking shoulder to shoulder. Cut back any overhanging plants or encroaching shrubs.
  • Lite the route.. Landscape lighting is a quick and easy way to brighten up a walkway or entrance and Solar-Powered LED lights are low cost and energy efficient.
  • Go Glossy.. Paint your front door in a High Gloss paint.  The reflective sheen of whatever color you choose will ensure your house stands out from the pack.
  • Replace Door Hardware.. Now that you painted your front door, don't forget to updated and add the finishing touch of new hardware.
  • Knock Knock.. A hefty knocker is a classic idea that welcomes your visitors and allows you to express yourself in a creative way.
  • Greenery..  Add classic Boxwood in a inexpensive planter to either side of the door.  Tidy and classic is what you want.
  • Numbers Game.. Make sure your house number is visible.. It's horrible getting cold pizza.  Add new vinyl numbers on that new glossy door.
  • Foot Traffic.. Buy a new door Matt.  Keep in classic with a traditional monogram or welcome.  No funny or unwelcoming sayings.
  • Glow.. Update the overhead light fixture or add a pair of lanterns into the boxwood planters.
  • Be Welcoming..  Remove the no soliciting sign or any negative personal reference.
These simple touches will welcome your family and friends and if you are looking to sale your home potential home buyers, before they even step a foot in the door.

Are you looking for other home tips on how to add value to your home. Contact Kelly for our special report.. Preparing your home for sale.  Also make sure to follow our inspiration board on Pinterest for some great ideas..


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