Portola Hills vs. Baker Ranch High End Homes..what is so different?

I wrote an article earlier in the week about the Highest Priced Homes sold Year-to-Date in Lake Forest and wanted to share with my Portola Hills peeps a bit of the details..

I pulled a pretty basic search out of the MLS, homes sold over $900k in Lake Forest.  I was actually pretty surprised by the results.. Where was Foothill Ranch?   What about the homes sold around the Lake??  All good questions if you are familiar with the area...  The biggest surprise was highest share of homes sold for over $1 million were in Baker Ranch with Portola Hills coming in 2nd. Below is a look at homes sold.

Lake Forest YTD Most expensive homes sold

Baker Ranch is a lovely new community.  NEW is the key!  We all love to look at new homes; when you walk in you feel refreshed, inspired, wowed, etc.  Does that feeling account for a 17% increase in the price per square foot?  Obviously as this report suggest 6 of the homes sold were in Baker Ranch.  As well, overall in Orange County we find 2 out of every home sold in 2014 was a new home!

But if you look at the details of the homes sold in Portola Hills you find the buyers are actually buying "more of home" here.  The home size, lot size and I have to say amazing views all out pace the homes sold in Baker Ranch. 

If I was to compare the communities overall they are actually very similar.  Nice homes, nice association amenities, access to good schools, entertainment and transportation.  The one thing Portola Hills has that Baker Ranch does not is the amazing views and of the Saddleback Mountains and Pacific Ocean.  As well access to the Whiting Wilderness Ranch.

For Portola Hills home sellers to capture part of the 17% increase in sales dollars, it is critical that their high end homes command that feeling I discuss above when home buyers walk in.  Will buyers feel refreshed?  Are they inspired?  Is the home upgraded to current standards?  As noted above, Portola Hills has the #1 aspect home buyers are looking for when buying higher end homes and that is location, views and access to great schools.

Lastly if you are considering a selling your Portola Hills home your agent should be sharing what is selling around Portola Hills and then marketing your home to it's full potential.  Setting the selling strategy needs to happen long before you list your home, Kelly can help you do just that, don't hesitate to give me a call to review your needs.


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