November Real Estate Activity in Portola Hills...

So today as I review the Portola Hills Real Estate market for November... I just ate a fortune cookie and it said... Allow yourself time.. you will reach success.. What a perfect metaphor for November real estate sales in Portola.

Comparing 2013 vs. 2014 activity was certainly up.  In 2013 had a total of 7 sales and 2014 there were 13 sales...almost double. If you look at the price per square foot was slightly up at $309 per square foot overall.

The Portola Hills market has overcome the negative effects of the downturn..

Portola Hills November Sold Properties 2014

Portola Hills November 2013 Sold Properties

If you look at our recent sold property at 28476 Sassetta Way in Portola Hills this is a perfect example of how the market should be performing...  Homes that are priced right, available and present well are selling successfully today!!

Kelly Turbeville Sold 28476 Sassetta Way

If you are planning a move in 2015... let's grab a cup of coffee and review a strategy that brings you success...


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