Portola Hills Real Estate Snapshot - July 2011

July was a pretty active month for Portola Hills Real Estate.  Below is snapshot of how the market performed.

Portola Hills Sales:                 8
Attached                                   3 Bedroom / 2 Bath
Average Square Feet:               1181
Average Sold Price:                  $284,000
Average Price Per Sq. Ft.          $238
Average Days on the Market:   100

Best Sold Property:  When looking at the numbers the property sold at 28366 Klondike beat the market percentages by 16%.  Yay, it just happens to be our listing and we have one happy hom seller.

Description.                            3 Bed/ 2 Bath Monticedo Condo
Sq. Footage                             1305
Price Per Sq. Ft.                      $256
Sold Price:                              $335,000
Days on the market:                79

Active Properties:  The month ended with 21 Active Properties, below is breakdown of current list price and description.

Attached:                               2 Bedroom / 2 Bath
Average Sq. Footage:             1272
List Price:                               $305,000
Average Price Per Sq. Ft.       $240
Average Days on the Market: 105

Detached:                                5 Bedroom / 3 Bath
Average Sq. Footage                2767
List Price:                                 $648,000
Average Price Per Sq. FtL       $239
Average Days on the Market   $101

Portola Hills Best Buy:  Looking at the numbers the property listed at 28335 Quiet Hill is the current best buy.   Listed at $748,000 and 3500 sq. ft with a pool it is listed at $219 per sq. foot which is 8% below the current market.  Should you be interested in this property don't hesitate to contact Kelly.

Should you be thinking about a move or listing your home a couple things you want to think about:

  • Homebuyers, now really is the time to buy.  Inventory is low, affordability is at an all time high.  Two things that rarely in a buyers favor.

  • Homeowners, if you are thinking about selling you really need to consider timing as well.  Portola Hills has been hit hard in this economy and inventory is expected to grow.  The question you must answer is when is the best time to list when inventory is high or low.....  If you are realistic about the market then now is a great time to sell.
We are happy to help you determine your best move forward and if that happens to be a short sale, make sure to ask about our No Cost Short Sale.... We are here to help!


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