Portola Hills Home Sellers Do You Know What City Your Home Is Listed In

I was looking for properties for a new buyers in Portola Hills recently and was a bit amazed that more weren't showing up. As I expanded my search I came across several homes that were listed in the wrong city.

Wrong city you say, how could this be? In the example of Portola Hills this may happen because the area use to be part of the unicoroprated area of Trabuco Canyon. However, Portola Hills was annexed into the city of Lake Forest in 2000.

This is a perfect example of why home sellers want to hire an agent who is active in their community and understand both the area, title requirements and mls requirements.

  • First if you live in the Portola Hills, you understand all the benefits of the area and this is what you need sell!
  • Second there are specific requirements about how your title will be held and the correct city is a major requirement. If you don't want delays in your escrow closing, your agent and the buying agent needs to make sure this is correct.
  • Third, MLS requirements - The sucess of buyers finding your home is all based on the correct search criteria being utalized. If your home is listed in the wrong city and your buyers are looking for a home in a specefic area then your home is not going to be seen.

If you are considering selling your Portola Hills home, then make sure to contact Kelly today. We have several buyers looking to move to Portola Hills and she is going to ensure your home is exposed to those buyers correctly.


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