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New On the Market

  • 18994 Canyon Tree
    2 bed/1 bath/975 sq.ft.
  • 18895 Canyon Smt.
    2 bed/2 bath/1050 sq.ft.
  • 28504 Sorano Cove
    3 bed/3 bath/1205 sq.ft.
  • 28886 Canyon Rim
    2 bed/ 2.5 bath/ 971 sq.ft.
  • 28732 Vista Santiago
    4 bed/ 3 bath/1731 sq.ft.
  • 18856 Vista Portola
    3 bed/3 bath/1623 sq.ft.
  • 19631 Highridge Way
    4 bed/4.5 bath/3100 sq.ft.

    Sold Properties
  • 28896 Canyon Hts.
    2 bed/2 bath/1038 sq.ft.
  • 18946 Canyon Smt.
    3 bed/2 bath/1130 sq.ft.
  • 28361 Pueblo Drive
    2 bed/2 bath/1051 sq.ft.
  • 28651 Pendleton
    3 bed/3 bath/1561 sq.ft.
    $425,000- Someone got a deal!
  • 19394 Highridge Way
    3 bed/3 bath/2160 sq.ft.
    $520,000 - Another Steal
  • 19592 Highridge Way
    2 bed/3 bath/1891 sq.ft.
  • 28563 Malabar Rd.
    5 bed/4 bath/2821 sq.ft.
    $689,000 -Finally!

Just Listed: 4 bed/3 bath/2100 sq.ft. Mission Viejo Monterrey Masters Single Level on a 15,000 sq.ft. lot – Priced to sell $749,000 This floorplan rarely comes available.

Room for Rent: $700.00 a month/Shared Bathroom/Full House Privileges/Includes Utilities – Female preferred – contact Kelly and information will be forwarded.

Property Tax Assessment: Have you received a letter from a broker explaining you may be eligible for a reduced property tax and they will do all the work, than asking you to sign a Fee Agreement?

I wanted to bring to your attention that it is not necessary for you to be charged to do this. It can simply be done via the Orange County Property Tax Assessor office free and it is very simple.

All you need to do is complete a simple form, possibly attend a hearing and provide comparables. Which of course, I will provide for you free of charge! There is a deadline to file by Sept. 15th and if you bought your home since 2005 you do have a good chance of reducing your property taxes. Note the county has reduced many properties already but it may be worth confirming your value to ensure they are at the same level.

In today’s environment every penny counts. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with any questions.

Homes Wanted: I have several buyers looking for homes and have seen everything fitting their needs currently on the market but to no avail. They are not interested in buying a short sale property (which is the primary number of properties on the market), so if you are considering selling your home, please contact me ASAP.

Keeping you informed!


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