Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Portola Hills Home Values August 2016

I know I always say this.. but can you believe how fast the year is going. Summer is over, we just had Labor Day and the kids are back in school.   So how did the last month of summer 2016 real estate market fair in  Portola Hills?

As with most of South Orange County the real estate market, quieted down a bit. Which is typical this time of year.  Though for my business I felt as if open house traffic was up.   It is not that buyers are not there.. they just were distracted with the summer events.   

Below is a look at home values for Portola Hills in August.

Portola Hills Home Values for August 2016
Portola Hills August Home Values

With summer distractions come longer days on the market.  The average days to sell a home in Portola Hills in August was 49 days.

As we enter Fall we should continue to see home values balance out.  In July we saw a 20% increase in home prices from 2015... In August the mix that was sold gave us a 3% increase from August 2015.  

I always like to say... Fall is a great time for home buyers to take advantage of the slowing market.  But think how fast this year has gone by,  The low inventory of winter will be upon us soon!  Currently there are 15 available homes in Portola Hills

In order for home sellers to receive top dollar in today's market it is critical homes are priced right, presented well and available.   It is like baking a cake if one ingredient is missing then the cake just does not taste good.

If you would like to review the market and discuss a strategy to buy and or sell your Portola Hills home, please do not hesitate to contact Realtor Kelly Turbeville.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

New Listing Spotlight - 3 Anacapa Foothill Ranch

We always like to highlight great listings in the area that we think our home buyers will like.  Today's listing is a townhome listed in the Vineyard Complex in Foothill Ranch.

Why do we like this listing.. First off the price is a steal!  Last model match sold between $435,000-$440,000. This home is listed for $430,000!  The average price of a town home in Portola Hills in July was $478,000 for 1200 square feet. This home is 1101 square feet. 

realtor kelly turbeville 3 anacapa foothill ranch
3 Anacapa Foothill Ranch
This town home is located in the best part of the community that gives you amazing sunset views over the avocado orchards.  Details of the home include:

  • Two Master Suites
  • Remodeled Kitchen 
  • Remodeled Bath
  • Plantation Shutters
  • Hydroponic Water Heater
  • Direct Access 2 Car Garage
The Vineyard complex is located in Foothill Ranch walking distance to the Foothill Ranch Town Center that includes dining, shopping and entertainment. As well centrally located to the 241 toll road and 5 minutes away from interstate 5.

If you would like to schedule a showing please do not hesitate to contact Realtor Kelly Turbeville to schedule a showing.  

Home is listed by our Keller Williams Partner Parisa Houshangi

Friday, August 19, 2016

15,000 reasons why this home may be the one for you.. 41 La Sordina

One of the prettiest aspects of living in Portola Hills are the awesome views.   Have you been looking for a view home in the area but have not had success finding it?

Does the criteria you are searching for in a home include:

  • South Orange County Location
  • 4 Bedrooms
  • Unique Floor plan with Large Living and Family Rooms
  • Large Kitchen with Granite Counters and Large Outside Deck
  • 180 Degree Panoramic View out to the Pacific Ocean
  • Covered Patio with Pool Sized Yard
  • 3 Car Garage with Tons of Storage
  • Walking Distance to Award Winning Elementary School

We have it and the best news of all... We just reduced the price by $15,000.

Come check out our listing at 41 La Sordina.  We will be open Saturday 8/20 from 1pm.

Kelly Turbeville available properties

When you look at what has sold in the area, this home is a steal.   Take a quick peak at the most recent sales in the area.

Like it.. Contact Kelly to schedule to a showing or pop into our open house!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What is the value of my Foothill Ranch home

As Foothill Ranch is our neighboring city it is important to keep on top of the trends of the area.. Foothill Ranch is larger community then Portola Hills but similar in demographics, etc.

Below is a quick look at how the Foothill Ranch Real Estate Market performed in July and Year to Date from the Orange County Association of Realtors.

Foothill Ranch Detached Home Sales

Home Values in Foothill Ranch by Realtor Kelly Turbeville
Foothill Ranch Attached Homes Sales
Comparing numbers Portola Hills is outpacing Foothill Ranch this year. In terms of price gains and growth.  The new development in Baker Ranch, Camden Square and El Paseo I would suspect have impacted resales in the area.   

Don't forget if you are looking  to buy in a new development you can have a Realtor help you and it is probably in your best interest to develop a negotiation strategy and be ready to compare against what the developer will offer.

When determining the value of your home it is always important to consider a number of factors.   We have simplified the process.   Get your FREE Home Value Report

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What is the value of my Portola Hills Home? July 2016 Home Value Report

We are in the last month of summer and the count down in on as to when school starts.  Here in Portola Hills school begins the last week of August.   Doesn't that seem early to you?  Man summer flew...

With that rush for school prep, we tend to see a shift in the real estate market.. it gets a little quieter with the summer distractions.  So was that the case in July for the Portola Hills community...  To a certain degree yes.  The average days on the market are increasing, as buyers have slowed and inventory jumped a bit in July. Currently there are 15 homes available in Portola Hills.

Below is a quick look at how the Portola Hills real estate market performed in July 2016.

Home Value report from Realtor Kelly Turbeville

The average price per square foot in July 2015 was $306. The average price per square foot in July 2016 was $380.  That equals a 20% increase in home values for the area.   Of course, it is important to look at the overall market and what the mix of homes that sold are but the numbers always give us a clue.

Understanding the market as a whole within the community, as well, in the surrounding area is key to determining the fair market value of your home.   I have to admit, I sometimes look at homes and wonder why is that priced sooo low...  Timing, Condition and Marketing are also a key in determining  a price that will bring you a successful buyer.

The inventory over all is still pretty low for the area but we have seen a slight increase.  Homes priced below the median of $700,000 are still selling very quickly and with multiple offers. The average days on the market in Portola Hills in July was 46. If your home falls within that range you may want to take advantage of the tight market.   On the higher end range homes are selling however the days on the market have increased, with the average days on the market about 79.

If you are wondering if now is good time to list your home, please do not hesitate to give us a call so we can review how we perceive the market.  

Monday, July 25, 2016

Portola Hills Mid-Year Real Estate Snapshot

It always amazes me how fast the years go by and 2016 is no exception.  We are mid-year, so it is always a good time to take a look at how the overall real estate market has performed in Portola Hills thus far.

The info-graphic below highlights the 2016 Portola Hills real estate market is certainly on an upswing thus far in the year.

Portola Hills Home Values

Looking at the above figures the low sales volume certainly is a driving force in the increase in pricing.  Inventory remains to be a key issue throughout South Orange County.  

In July we typically see a turn in the market from the spring strides.  It's summer after all people are distracted.  The demand has been very good this year thus why we see such an increase in pricing.  We are also beginning to see a slight increase in the inventory and the expected market time is on the rise. Though Portola Hills Average Days on the Market is averaging about 40 overall in the county that has increased to about 79.  Leading us to a more balanced market.

Of course each market segment is going to be different but if you are a condo owner and thinking about selling.. now is a amazing time.  Condo prices year to date in Portola Hills have risen on average 19%.   Where as Single Family homes have risen about 10%.   

With the median price in orange county just under $700,000 anything under that price point that is priced correctly, presented well is a hot commodity!!

If you are wondering the value of your home and if now is a good time sell, let's talk and review the market in your area.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Was Real Estate up or down in Portola Hills?. June Real Estate Report (infographic)

As we are getting back to work after enjoying the 4th of July events, it is time to look at how the Portola Hills Real Estate Market performed in June...  For my business it didn't seem slow but when I look at the numbers we do see sales volume down about 50% from what it was in June 2015 for the Portola Hills Market.

Looking at pricing in the Portola Hills it was up about 7% from June last year. Which is consistent with the rest of the county.

Does the sales volume slow down signify a shift in the market?  The simplest answer; it depends.  Looking at history we know the best time to sell a home is Early Spring to Mid-June.   We typically have a seasonal slow down in late June through the 4th of July.

Inventory has increased slightly throughout the county but in pockets such as Portola Hills it has remained low.  So if more homes come on the market through August we may see a bit more of a balanced market.  

However, at the point of putting these numbers together there are only 9 active homes on the market in Portola Hills and important to note, no entry level condo's currently listed.

So there is still plenty of time to capture a top price for your home if you are considering a move.  

Timing, inventory, location are all important elements for the successful sale of your home.   

what is my home worth
What is my home value?